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Harnessing the ‘Inner Alice’

Crosby Soroptimists’ AGM was the regular opportunity to look back over a busy year and look forward with enthusiasm.

Outgoing President Margaret Davidson reflected on her time in office. “I’m still learning the job of President after 12 months of doing it,“ she said. Former presidents know the feeling!

The club’s ongoing projects merited many compliments. Crosby’s members have continued extensive practical service and fundraising, plus links with partners in the community and with other Soroptimist clubs at home and abroad.

Proud of leading SI Crosby, Margaret is of the opinion that “… it is our great strength as a club is that we embrace changes and adapt to them.” Her overall verdict? “Challenging but thoroughly enjoyable.”

Incoming President Jill Boggan spoke about her hopes for the year ahead – continuing much of the club’s effective project work. Jill also hopes members will engage in initiatives on sustainability in the world of fashion, support for new mothers and the provision of public-access bleed control kits.

Jill paid tribute to members’ resilience and determination to succeed. “It can sometimes feel like the world is unfamiliar and upside down – perhaps as if we are observing the world like Lewis Carroll’s Alice did – ‘through the looking glass.’ … As Soroptimists we have all faced the challenges of the last few years with our own unique version of an inner Alice.”

There is distinct optimism, however. “Our club demonstrates that the whole is better than the sum of the parts,” said Jill. “I hope we have many opportunities to celebrate both past and present achievements during the year.”

Crosby’s Soroptimists look forward to another busy, purposeful year with President Jill.