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What are Grange Soroptimists doing to raise awareness of the environmental impact of Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion has a massive environmental impact. At the Clothes swap on Thursday 26 May  members and guests learnt about  the impact of Fast Fashion and had a great opportunity to take home some quality second hand clothes.

There waas a quiz about the impact of Fast Fashion and an excellent talk and advice by Windermere stylist Carole Greenland

Stylist Carol giving advice

Did you know —

The textile industry is second only to oil as the world’s biggest polluter

Of the 8 million tonnes of plastic in the ocean the second largest amount comes directly from our clothes

11 million tonnes if textile waste is created each year

Only 1% of clothing is recycled

If we extended the use of our clothes by 9 months it would reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint by 20 – 30%

If you would like more information about our work or would like to join our Club please CONTACT US