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Grange Soroptimists Clothes Swap – Dec 1st – fighting “Fast Fashion”

Grange Soroptimists are fighting Climate change by  highlighting the problems of ” Fast Fashion”. We held a very successful Clothes Swap on December 1st in Cartmel Village Hall.  Guests paid £5 and brought along at least one item of clothing they wished to swap and had a glass of fizz and a fun evening choosing from an array of good quality ” new to them” clothes.  Over 50 people attended and had a fun  evening and helped the climate by recucling clothes. Clothes left over went to Barrow women’s Centre and CancerCare  charity shop.

The textile industry  creates more carbon emissions than aviation and shipping combined and Fast Fashion is the main driver of this. For more facts about the  deleterious effects of the Fashion industry see Oxfams Shocking facts