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International Women’s Day

We celebrate International Women’s Day every year on 8th March.  Usually this tends to be a Club activity where we each run an event in our main town/city, often in conjunction with other organisations that support women.  At last we can meet in person again and the 10 Clubs in our Region are participating in local events or holding their own.  This year’s theme is ‘Break the Bias’ and let’s face it, it will not be before time.  It took the Suffragettes some 60 years to achieve their goal of all women achieving the vote, and another 104 years has gone past and whilst we’ve made some strides there is still a long way to go before we have no gender bias and along with that no judgement of people based on their colour, creed, looks, disabilities, and more.

Educate the World’s Girls


We celebrate International Women’s Day every year on 8th March.  We have also had Regional Events like the one above in Cambridge where all 10 London Anglia Clubs come together. And we have visited the Women of the World ‘WOW’ events there for a number of years.  Members  write to their MP’s urging the Government to encourage countries across the world to provide proper schooling for the 40 million girls who presently get no education.  They are more vulnerable to poverty, ill health, violence and trafficking.

But in 2021 we were rather limited in what we could do and Clubs used their websites and social media more to get their message for International Women’s Day across.  The theme for 2021 was:

#Choose to Challenge

  • We will help forge a gender equal world

  • We will maintain a gender equal mindset

  • We will challenge gender stereotypes and bias

  • We will call out gendered actions or assumptions

  • We will forge positive visibility of women

  • We will try to influence others’ beliefs and actions