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Showcasing 100 Soroptimists for our 100 Years Celebration

100-4-100 #WhoIsShe? Campaign

As part of the celebration of the first centenary of Soroptimist International in 2021, more than 100 Soroptimists have been selected to be commemorated as part of the #WhoIsShe? Campaign.

The centenary of the organisation seemed a fitting opportunity to recognise and celebrate the professional and personal commitments made by these outstanding members through the years.

These #WhoIsShe? campaign members, both past and present, from Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland have all been nominated by Soroptimist Clubs for their noteworthy contribution to society in the furtherance of the aims and objects of our organisation.  They are announcing twelve members from across the world each month.

So we are showcasing Soroptimists from London Anglia Region, across our 10 Clubs, who have been selected as worthy candidates by our Federation Board, as they are announced.

In August Soroptimist International Southend-on-Sea and District were proud to see their member, Catherine Cottridge, named as one of the worthy candidates.  Cathy Cottridge became a Soroptimist in 2007.
She has been nominated for her steadfast work as a Soroptimist, and particularly for her work on violence against women.
Cathy has tirelessly championed our cause.  Cathy is currently SIGBI President and we are all pleased to see her taking charge of our Federation.  To read more about her many initiatives go to:

In June Soroptimist International Cambridge were pleased to announce that their member, Anne Ainsworth, has been nominated and features as a candidate for #WhoIsShe. Anne started at SI Norwich where in her working life she became a fully commissioned Inspector of Taxes. Moving to Cambridge she became a District Inspector and eventually left to go into practice helping people pay the right level of tax. Given her career background it is not surprising that Anne has held various finance roles within SIGBI. including being Federation Treasurer and advisor to the Board. She has also had a number of roles at Club and Regional level. She is a devoted fan of motor racing. In 2005, she was made an Honorary Member for the service she had given to Soroptimism.
She fell in love with Africa, has travelled the world attending Soroptimist Conferences and is a devoted fan of motor racing. She is a regular visitor to our Regional meetings.
For more information see her page at:

Soroptimist International East London (SIEL) are so pleased to see that their member Dorothy Howes is featured in the May 2021 list of nominations.  Dorothy has been a member of the club for over 30 years and has undertaken many different roles in that time.  To find out more about her life and involvement in Soroptimism go to:

Soroptimist International Kings Lynn (SIKL) were delighted that their nomination for Dr Elizabeth Harrison, was confirmed in the March 2021 list of #WhoIsShe?  She is still an active member of the Club and was recently made an honorary member.  Elizabeth also attends some London Anglia Regional meetings and was made an honorary member of the Region some years ago.  To find out more about her life, work and contribution to Soroptimism go to:

Also in March 2021 we are pleased to see Alison Charles, a member of Soroptimist International East London (SIEL) and between November 2016 and October 2019 London Anglia Region’s President, announced as one of the 100 Women.  For more about Alison’s life, interests and contribution to Soroptimism please go to:

Soroptimist International Enfield are proud to announce that Iris Krass, a member of their Club for 39 years, has been included and her nomination was announced in February 2021.  She was a prisoner of war in the Far East where she was born, survived the camp and eventually became reunited with her family,  who were also interned, before coming to join her father England.

In 1947 Iris was one of a few females to read medicine at London University and was proud to be appointed the first female clinician to Head the Casualty Department at St Thomas’s Hospital before eventually becoming a GP.

Soroptimist International Cambridge previously announced that they already have two members who have been selected.

In December 2020 Hilda Richardson, was one of the Soroptimists from across the world listed.  To find out more about Hilda’s contribution go to:

And in January 2021 one of Cambridge Club’s founder members, Dr Margaret Reed was  featured in the January 2021 list.  For more information about Margaret go to:

We will update this page each time another member of a London Anglia Club is announced to have achieved this honour.