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Online Regional Meeting during Lockdown

Due to COVID restrictions and other factors outside our control, we plan to hold our next AGM and Regional Council Meeting on Saturday 7th August 2021, in person and hopefully at our normal ‘home’ Newnham College, Cambridge.  As well as the meeting we will be having a celebratory picnic for our Region’s 50th anniversary in this year of Soroptimism’s Centenary.

Our last meeting was on 28th November 2020 when we were delighted to welcome our Speaker, Dame Vera Baird, The Victim’s Commissioner.  A fellow Soroptimist, she gave us an excellent talk about her role, challenges and concerns. More details are given separately. Another successful online meeting.

On 26th September 2020 we had our online Officers’Council Meeting where we planned our meetings for the next 15 months and had an excellent review of the Projects undertaken by each Club under Programme Action.Instead of meeting at our usual wonderful venue, Newnham College, Cambridge, on the morning of Saturday4th July we had a ‘virtual’ meeting online.  This was our AGM and a Regional Council Meeting.  Club Regional Representatives and all other members were invited to join us.

As planned our speakers from from Women’s Voices, talking to us about the Gender Equality Quilt they produced with the help of many women in Ipswich who were motivated to produce a tile.

And our Benevolent fund Trustee, Pat, gave  a presentation on the role of the Fund and why we should be encouraging current and previous members to apply, how it can help those who find them unexpectedly in a difficult financial situation.