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Pelandaba Orphans

Our final 2 year Regional Project that finished at the end of 2019 involved supporting children in Zimbabwe, who’s parents had mostly died from AIDS, to go to school.  45 orphans were being educated.

Under the umbrella organisation of “ZANE”, which supports various disadvantaged groups in Zimbabwe, this charity has continued to fund the schooling of orphans in Pelandaba, despite deteriorating political and economic conditions in Zimbabwe.  This is quite an expensive task.

  • The cost of educating one junior school pupil – £50 per term, so £150 per year.
  • The cost of educating a senior school pupil – £100 per term, so £300 per year.
  • Exam fee for form 4 pupils – £100 making their total per year £400.
  • School report – £50 per child per year

The intention at the start of the project was to help Zane to maintain the number of learners at 45.  Towards the end of the Project Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis had reached breaking point and this was before the Coronavirus hit hard.

Money is not allocated to a specific child – it all goes into one pot! Over the 2 year period the LAR Clubs between them raised c.£3,000 which essential has provided the equivalent of supporting 9 senior pupils or 19 junior pupils for a year.

Because of the current situation, the people on the ground decided that they would not continue to replace students – the future is so uncertain.

In all 7 children passed O’ & A’ Level last year but sadly there are no jobs for the children to go to.  In addition restrictions on passport production make it difficult for people to move elsewhere

Prior to the coronavirus there were still 41 children in education.  We hope we have helped these children but their future does not look very secure.