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Our next Regional Meetings

Our next Regional Meeting is on Saturday 17th September 2022 at Newnham College, Cambridge when our annual Officers’ Council Meeting takes place.  This is the meeting where we plan for the year ahead.  With most of the Regional Officers present together with Club Presidents, Programme Action Officers and all members who wish to be involved in the format and content of our Regional Meetings it enables us to focus on what we want to achieve and how.

WE WILL BE JOINED BY JASMINE LASASSO, Senior Education and Engagement Officer – East of England, UK Parliament Outreach,  who will give a Workshop to increase our understanding and engagement with the UK Parliament.  This is a FREE, interactive workshop about how UK Parliament works and how we can campaign on issues that matter to us.


Following that will be our Regional Council Meeting – on 19th November 2022 at Newnham College, Cambridge – FOCUS ON HUMAN RIGHTS (more information to be provided). 

Our speaker is Professor Jules Pretty from University of Essex.  He will give a presentation on the steps we can take to reduce our carbon output and the major threat of Climate Change on southern hemisphere countries already facing increased sea levels that are destroying their communities and livelihoods, leading to mass emigration to other areas/countries and placing these people at risk of ending up in the world of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking.