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2011-12 Chain Gang: 15 April 2016

A small but select group of members of the 2011-12 Chain Gang met at The Crofters Hotel in Garstang for their bi-annual get together, their numbers being somewhat diminished due to a clash of events.

For as long as anyone can remember, each year’s Club and Region Presidents have formed a gang, continuing to meet after their year of office to renew acquaintances and catch up on news.

Each year’s ‘Chain Gang’, the chain bit representing their chain of office from when they were President, is very different, reflecting the personalities of the members. Some chains meet once a year, some twice, and some not at all just when someone thinks to arrange one!  Some meet with partners, some meet for lunch, others for dinner, whatever suits that particular group of people.

However they meet, the events are an enjoyable reminder of the fun and friendship of Soroptimism.

Judith Grocott  (SI Garstang)

2011-12 Chain Gang meeting
Members of the 2011-12 Chain Gang meeting up for food and a natter at The Crofters