Enjoying the formal but fun side of conference.

The lighter side of Conference!


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Members of Northwest England & the Isle of Man Region are great travellers and are always keen to learn and socialise.  Hence a jolly crowd is always to be seen at a Federation Conference where ever it may be – the 2014 Conference was held in Harrogate ; and the 2015 Conference took place in Glasgow in November 2015. 2016 found us in Malta, with the theme of “Engineering the Future”. It was the turn of Cardiff in October 2017, with the theme of “Step up, lead the way” For 2018 we will be supporting the outgoing President Sue Biggs (a local lass from Burnley) at Liverpool with “Empower Today – Enable Tomorrow” – see

The programme of events and speakers at these events are always excellent and inspirational! Plus the food is usually good as well, not that we Soroptimists are the slightest bit interested in that …. 😉

Conferences allow us to meet up with friends we may only see rarely, with members of Friendship Link clubs or simply talk to other like-minded women and exchange ideas in a convivial atmosphere.


There is an annual one day regional conference, organised on alternate years by ourselves and by the South Lancashire Region.

The next one will be organised by us on 11 May 2019 at the Preston Marriott Hotel – the theme is #BreakingBarriers. Advance information and booking forms are available.

In 2018 the conference took place on 12 May 2018 at The Ramada Plaza Hotel, Southport, hosted by South Lancashire.

The 2017 Regional Conference was held on 13 May 2017 at the Preston Marriott Hotel – hosted by ourselves – ‘Change ME for WE’. Full report and pictures are available on the Conference Report page.

For 2016, the event was hosted by South Lancashire at the Radission Blu Hotel in Liverpool, on Saturday 14 May 2016. The theme was ”Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Further information at or see our write-up and pictures.