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SI Perth Donations 2019/2020

2019/2020/2021 DONATIONS MADE

Throughout our last club year, 2019 to 2020, SI Perth members have been busy fundraising to enable us to support other organisations who join in the fight to help women and girls locally and throughout the world.

Cash donations have been made to:

Masks for Scotland

Women’s Aid

SIGBI Emergency Relief Fund

Chora Chori, Nepal

Harbour Counselling

Sponsorship funding for a student in Kenya

SOHTIS (Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland)

Empowering Girls in Nepal

As well as making cash donations, we are pleased to have been able to provide needed goods to the following organisations:

Smalls for All

RASAC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre, Perth & Kinross)

Women’s Aid

Starter Packs

Sensory Books for Visually-Impaired Children