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Soroptimist International - Perth

Soroptimist International of Perth is part of a worldwide organisation of women, which is linked to the United Nations.

Welcome to SI Perth

Below, you will find information on our Club Meetings and our Syllabus for 2022/23.   

As always, we would be delighted to welcome guests and potential new members to all our meetings.  To attend as a guest or to find out more about us, please email us at:

We would also welcome any help with our project work.  Please click on What We Do to see all that is on offer, then use the email address above to contact us.


Also, find out more about us on our Facebook page



SI Perth meet at 6:30 pm in the Royal George Hotel, Perth, normally on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from September to June. One of these meetings will be a speaker/programme action meeting and the other will have a more social aspect to it.

ALL VISITORS WELCOME to attend any of our meetings.  Just contact us to let us know you’d like to attend!!  We have around 22 members at present and would be delighted to welcome more.

SPEAKER MEETINGS – (sometimes on Zoom) are relevant to the type of projects that we do, and usually give an update on the good causes we work for, with a small amount of business and time to chat.  The formalities of the evening are normally concluded by 9:00 pm.

SOCIAL EVENTS – Examples: Opening Lunch, Christmas meal, Burns Night, Summer Outing, as well as regular coffee afternoons.

OUT VISITS – to our project partners – these also feature in our social calendar and are always enjoyed by everyone who participates.

See the new 2022/23 syllabus below for what is planned for this year and check out our CLUB NEWS 2022/2023 Pages for pictures of some of the events.

FUNDRAISING – We also organise a few fundraising events during the year and disburse the funds at our AGM in April to causes both locally and internationally.

PROGRAMME ACTION – Check out our Programme Action (What we do) pages to find out more about our busy club, our activities and our contribution to our global society.  The work we do falls under five headings – what we call the FIVE P’s  These are:

  • People             Trying to end poverty and hunger, encourage good health, good education and gender equality
  • Prosperity      Looking at economic growth, renewables, innovation & infrastructure, sustainable communities
  • Planet             Pushing for clean water for all, good sanitation for all, climate action, responsible consumption
  • Peace              Advocating for an end to wars, lasting peace and justice for everyone, e.g. ending modern slavery and working against Violence Against Women
  • Partnerships  Working in partnership with organisations with the same goals as ourselves

All our work is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals whether it’s local, national or international.  As women working globally to help other women and girls, you’ll find fun, friendship and a sense of pride that you are helping to make the world a better place for people who need our help.

SYLLABUS FOR 2022/2023

Items in italics & red denote special United Nations days/events recognised throughout the world.  Our club meetings, visits and activities (in black print) are the actual dates we meet to try to celebrate the meaning behind these special days.


8th World Literacy Day,  21st – International Day of Peace

18th – Opening Lunch (Supporting Book Aid)    

21st – Vigil for Peace   

(Photos from these two events are on our CLUB NEWS 2022/2023 Pages )


17th – Eradication of Poverty 

24th – United Nations Day

16th (Sunday) – Sponsored Walk for Aberlour Child Care Trust – 1.00 p.m.

25th – Presentation  by Past President of SIGBI and SISS


25 Nov to 10 Dec – Elimination of Violence against Women (16 Days of Activism) 

22nd – Presentation by Engender (Zoom)

We will also be participating in events during the 16 Days of Activism


2nd – Abolition of Slavery

10th – Human Rights Day 

13th – Christmas Lunch (collection in support of International President’s Appeal)


24th – International Day of Education

24th – Presentation by Chair and Director of Dress for Success Scotland (Zoom)


6th – International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

11th – Women and Girls in Science 

7th – Craft Morning with light lunch

21st – Presentation by Orchid Project (Zoom)

MARCH 2023   

8th – International Women’s Day

21st – International Day of the Forests

7th – Int. Women’s Day Celebration – Speaker Dr.K. Jenkins, Lecturer in Energy, Environment and Society

21st – Presentation by Tree Sisters (Zoom)

APRIL 2023 

7th – World Health Day

22nd – International Mother Earth Day 

11th – AGM – Speaker from SOHTIS

25th – Visit to PKAVS Lewis Place Day Centre 

MAY 2023

20th – World Bee Day 

16th – Presentation from Bees Abroad (Partnership Manager for Ghana) (Zoom) 

30th – Visit to Community Gardens

JUNE 2023

5th – World Environment Day

20th – World Refugee Day

20th – Lunch – open invitation to local Refugee Women

27th – Summer Outing

Our summer recess is from the end of June until the beginning of September each year. 

 Int. Women’s Day – Smeaton’s Bridge Perth lit up in purple on 8th March, 2022


 IMPORTANT MESSAGE Soroptimist International Perth echo the sentiments of everyone in being horrified at what is happening in Ukraine at the moment.  As Soroptimists, our core principles include the advancement of human rights for all and international peace and security.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a grave violation of international law and the United Nations Charter and will have severe humanitarian consequences for civilian populations.  Our thoughts are with the thousands of displaced women and girls, not only from Ukraine but throughout the world.