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Herts Rape Crisis and Mindfulness for World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health Day our Members wore green to mark the special day #SoroptimistsThinkOnIt  We had an excellent talk from Pam and Kathy from Herts Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre www.hertsrapecrisis.org.uk   The talk is summarised below. Our Members and guests had … Continued

Mental Health Challenges For Women – Event for World Mental Health Day 2018

On Monday 8 Oct we had a brilliant evening to mark World Mental Health Day and we now all understand so much more about the mental health challenges facing women. We looked into the many aspects of mental health including … Continued

You Can’t Put A Plaster On It – World Mental Health Day

“Mental Health:You Can’t Put a Plaster On it”  On Monday 9 Oct Soroptimist Club Members and guests heard from local mental health service providers about support available to people in Hertfordshire. Barry Canterford, (pictured above right) Public Governor at the … Continued