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International Women’s Day

This year Tuesday 8th March 2011 is the Centenary of International Women’s Day.  The Swindon Club is organising a  ‘Join us on the Bridge’ event.  We will be on the footbridge over Princes Street in central Swindon (near The Wyvern Theatre).  We will be joining with thousands of women worldwide to celebrate the day and to draw attention to the inequalities that still exist particularly in Third World Countries.  We want to show our solidarity with women throughout the world. So many women are living in poverty and with constant threat of abuse and lack of healthcare. We want to build bridges of peace between nations and within nations.

We are intending to look at the history and porpose of International Women’s Day. We will read out poems written by women on women’s issues.  All are welcome to join with us at 1pm on the bridge.  There is a car park close by.  The event will end at 2pm with a photocall.