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Easter gifts to Nelson Trust Women’s Centre 2022

Swindon Soroptimists once again wished ‘HAPPY EASTER!’ to the clients and staff at Swindon Nelson Trust Women’s Centre.  Delivering on Maundy Thursday, members Jackie Webb and Gillian Reed visited the Swindon Nelson Trust Women’s Centre to present 25 individual Easter eggs for the women who use the Centre and its services, as well as three bags of mini eggs for the hardworking staff!

Just as in lockdown, the Soroptimists know the value of ensuring vulnerable women were remembered and can enjoy the same annual festivities as everyone else. This annual Easter visit was started in 2017 by Swindon Soroptimists and their donation added to ones the Trust had already received and ensured that all the women and children were able to receive an Easter egg.

This year as restrictions have eased three of the staff, Carrie, Kerry and Ella were able to welcome Gillian and Jackie into the Centre and commented “The Nelson Trust would like to thank the Swindon Soroptimists for their annual donation of 25 filled Easter Eggs for the women and their children and their continued support of the Trust”.

The Soroptimists support the centre with practical donations of food, clothing, toiletries and kitchen items, as well as monetary donations, but as with the Christmas Gift shoe boxes they do, feel it is just as important to give nice treats too!   Whilst there Jackie and Gillian also donated several cotton hold-alls that the Trust use to make up ‘overnight bags’ if the women need to visit hospital plus food and kitchen items and a box of clothes, donated by Club member Corrine.

As Project coordinator Lydia Cardew says, “Although lockdown has eased it made life for these vulnerable women even more difficult than normal and we know they look forward to our gifts and it helps them enjoy the key social festivities that we all take for granted. This can be just as important as the advice and support the Centre gives”.

Swindon Soroptimist Jackie Webb with Carrie, Kerry and Ella from the Nelson Trust Women’s Centre and eggs!