Reducing Women’s Imprisonment

This Project was the result of partnership working with the UKPAC and the Prison Reform Trust to end the unnecessary imprisonment of women in the UK.

Each club in the UK was sent five copies of the Action Pack, which provided a resource for Soroptimist clubs across the whole country and a covering letter, explaining the Project. The pack contained facts and figures about women’s justice at UK level and in each devolved nation, and suggested actions that Soroptimists can take to end the unnecessary imprisonment of women who do not pose a danger to the public.

The actions fell into two parts – gathering information (see below) and effecting change. Information gathered by clubs about what is happening locally will fill critical gaps in the national picture of the state of women’s justice, serving to raise awareness of deficiencies as well as highlighting best practice.

The evidence received has been compiled into a report jointly published by the Prison Reform Trust and UKPAC at Christmas 2014. It  outlines the state of women’s justice across the UK and further progress needed. The report been presented to Ministers and policy-makers and used to promote best practice and achieve reform.