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SISK Celebrates Orange Cafe Day

SISK Celebrates Orange Café Day on 25th May 2023 in partnership with Beanshot Café, Lord’s More,

The venue was decked up in orange balloons and streamers, SISK Banner, and Standee while all of us
regular, new and prospective SISK members had donned a hundred shades of orange to mark the

Membership Officer Ranjana Pillai welcomed everyone and assured the gathering that we would have
some “membership” activities.

But before we got started, Shukla gave a brief overview of the genesis of “Orange the World”, the three
Mirabal Sisters, Patria, Minerva and Maria Theresa, their activism to stop oppression (women and girls
being the main target) and tyranny in the Dominican Republic and finally their ultimate sacrifice…their
assassination on 25th November 1960. The fourth sister, Dede Mirabal lived on to raise the children of
her martyred sisters and tell their story which became the cornerstone in the Dominican Republic’s fight
for freedom from tyranny.

In 1999, 25th November was declared by the UN to be the day of Elimination of Violence against Women
and Girls. Soon the UN exhorted all partner organisations to observe the 25th of every month to raise awareness
about this very urgent issue of the need to stop violence against women and girls. As a bright and
optimistic colour, orange represents a future free from violence against women and girls. Thus, was born
“Orange the World” out of which came this new initiative “Orange Café Day”.

Then the Membership Party began. New Member, Nandini Dutta was pinned by Charter President Bijli
Mallik who also administered the Oath. Nandini was sworn in with the Soroptimist Pledge.

An innovative game “Spot the Lie” had us all in splits as each member had to make three statements
about herself—two true and one untruth which had to be identified by the group.

Earlier each member had written anonymously positive comments about three members of the club.
These slips were read out aloud creating an upsurge of morale and positivity. Honest praise can work
miracles! Delicious refreshments were heartily relished by one and all.

The day will be remembered for a long time. Fun, fellowship, and food…what more do sisters need to
steer them along as they work as Soroptimists?

Humongous thanks to Ruby, Mohua and Ranjana!!