The Committee, the 17 Programme Action Officers and the 17 Regions in the UK

The UK Programme Action Committee comprises the PAC chairmen for the 17 Regions – who between them represent the entire membership of the UK – plus Chairman, Vice Chairman (also a Regional PAC chairman), Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officers.


Liz Dominey Chairman

Glenys Hunt Vice- Chairman

Rhona Bowler Treasurer

Maureen Maguire Secretary

Kathy Warrick Communications Officer

Programme Action Committee Chairmen from the 17 UK Regions

Cheshire, North Wales & Wirral

Jill Andrew & Glenys Hunt

London Anglia

Catherine Cottridge (Nov – Jan)

Dilly Meyer (Feb – April)

Janet Porter (May – July)

London Chilterns

Pamela Robertson & Jackie Paling

Midland Arden

Rose Hutchinson

Midland Chase (team approach)

Ann Dawson & Edna Schafer-Hughes

Midland East

Helen Everett

NW England & Isle of Man

Isabel Huggett

Northern England

Dame Vera Baird QC

Northern Ireland

Rita Allen

Scotland North

Marianne Simpson

Scotland South

Lynn Maher

South East England

Hilary Rowberry & Yvonne Freeman

South Lancashire

Yvonne Gibbon

South West & Channel Islands

Irene Hockin

Southern England

Ana Williams

Wales South

Ruth McKie


Lindsay Green