The Committee, the 17 Programme Action Officers and the 17 Regions in the UK

The UK Programme Action Committee comprises the PAC chairmen for the 17 Regions – who between them represent the entire membership of the UK – plus Chairman, Vice Chairman (also a Regional PAC chairman), Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officers.


Liz Dominey Chairman

Glenys Hunt Vice- Chairman

Rhona Bowler Treasurer

Maureen Maguire Secretary

Kathy Warrick Communications Officer

Programme Action Committee Chairmen from the 17 UK Regions

Cheshire, North Wales & Wirral

Esther Roberts/Sian Kent

London Anglia

Sharon Richardson

London Chilterns

Pamela Robertson & Jackie Paling

Midland Arden

Denise Carson

Midland Chase (team approach)

Ann Dawson & Edna Schafer-Hughes & Zena Lear

Midland East

Helen Everett

NW England & Isle of Man

Isabel Huggett

Northern England

Karen Alexander

Northern Ireland

Rita Allen

Scotland North

Janice WIlson

Scotland South

Brenda Kaye

South East England

Yvonne Freeman

South Lancashire

Sriya Kulupana

South West & Channel Islands

Dianne Hill

Southern England

Ana Williams

Wales South

Bobbie Sheldrake/ Rayner Rees


Lindsay Green