As part of the UKPAC remit we contribute, on your behalf, to a number of reports/inquiries. We also attend meetings of national bodies on matters of interest and importance to the organisation. Links will be provided to copies of these reports, our responses where applicable, and accounts of the meetings. We will also provide links to any reports which are concerned with issues which Soroptimists are particularly involved with.

Members Area – Letters

Letters to/from Ministry of Justice

Study Day 2018

Study day 2018 in Belfast focused on Women in Prison and Modern Slavery.

The newsletter article about the event is available here

The Modern Slavery Report and Handbook were made available at the event and these documents are available as pdf documents.

The Modern Slavery Report

SIGBI Modern Slavery Booklet 2018 July 2018 Final_ (2)

The presentations by the speakers and breakout session leaders are also available via your Region Programme Action Officer



Analysis of the sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) and of the Agreed Conclusions by Ms. Lakshmi Puri, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women.


Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against Women – In conflict


Event Summary

On 1 November 2016, Women for Women International1 and the APPG on Women, Peace and Security (WPS)2 hosted a parliamentary briefing to review progress since the High-Level Review on WPS3 and to develop recommendations ahead of the UK’s new National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security4 (NAP) which will be launched in 2017. The event brought together expertise and voices from Rwanda, Syria, Egypt, as well as the UK.

Human Rights

(International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Anti Trafficking/Modern Slavery

Evaluation of Independent Child Trafficking Advocates trial: Final Report

His strategy for 2015-2017 lists his priorities for action. This includes supply chain transparency and combating labour exploitation.

The department of Work and Pensions is conducting an enquiry into “Victims of Modern Slavery” to which UKPAC made a submission. It has now been published.

Prison reform

  • FIVE YEARS ON: RCN Scotland review of the transfer of prison health care from the SPS to NHS Scotland.

This report by the RCN in Scotland on the outsourcing of health services from prisons to NHS Scotland is an important contribution to our continued advocacy for an improvement in the way we care for vulnerable people in our society. Soroptimists in Scotland are involved with the Scottish Government to change the way in which women involved with the Criminal Justice System are treated. Community Orders are far more cost-effective than imprisonment for those women. It is of great concern therefore that the health facilities needed by so many are not available even within the pro badly. I am sure that soroptimists in Scotland will give their support to this issue.isons. In theory availability in the community should be better but it is all too commonplace for them to be lacking there as well. As community provision rolls out this lack of provision must be addressed urgently otherwise vulnerable women will continue to be imprisoned unnecessarily. Women both in and out of prison (and men as well) should be treated and managed appropriately for their drug, alcohol and mental health problems. Unless we do this many will continue to re-offend. This is not acceptable for the individuals concerned, their families nor society at large. I urge the RCN  to continue to evaluate health care provision and to lobby for the improvements needed so badly. I am sure that Soroptimists in Scotland will give their support to this issue.