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About SI Yorkshire

The Yorkshire region has 18 clubs all doing a variety of programme action work, the heart of Soroptimism.  These projects range from supporting women’s refuges, raising awareness of women’s issues, running elderly luncheon clubs, working in partnership with local schools and with other  Soroptimist clubs locally, nationally and internationally and many, many more projects with the aim to educate, empower and enable women and girls.

We have a spin off group of women from clubs within our region who have joined forces to address modern day slavery. They are working with local agencies to distribute ‘Loves Me, Loves Me Not’ bookmarks and posters throughout the region and abroad, aimed at preventing grooming for prostitution and domestic abuse. In addition they are developing partnership working with the NSPCC and Stop The Traffik to address human trafficking and the new phenomena of sexting.

Are you women who would like to make a difference?   Do you care about issues which affect women and girls?   If so why not think about becoming a member.   You can get more information by sending a message through the contact form within this website.

Hoping to see you soon…