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March 2015 Blog

After a quiet Mothering Sunday (daughter unfortunately working so she and my grand-daughter were unavailable!), I am preparing for the first really busy weekend as President. From Thursday morning I shall be in Richmond for my own club meeting, then off to SI Ilkley’s Annual Charter Dinner. Then on Saturday 21st I shall be at SI Sheffield’s Charter Lunch, followed on Sunday 22nd by SI Doncaster’s Charter Lunch! Any bets on how much weight I shall have gained in that short time!

While I am happily visiting these clubs some of my colleagues are attending SI Scarborough, SI Wakefield and SI Skipton’s charter events, all on the same weekend. It is very disappointing to be unable to be everywhere.

I have been dealing with many and varied queries from members of SI Yorkshire about numerous issues! It is only as President that one begins to realise how much is happening throughout the region. Perhaps with 25 clubs it is inevitable but I had no real understanding of this until now.

Looking back, I had a very exciting evening with SI Harrogate and District, at their Murder Mystery Evening. I think the details of this will be featured in the next Yorkshire Newsletter, but suffice to say, I was lucky to leave without being charged with murder, in time to go to SI Bingley’s delicious Charter Lunch on Sunday 1 March!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at RCM. The venue, the Holiday Inn at Barnsley, is a new one, so please let us have any feedback after the 28th March. We can then decide if we should use this hotel again in the future.

In friendship, Angela