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June 2015 Blog

This is a quick blog as most of what I would like to say will be included either in my report for the July RCM, the Summer Newsletter or in the separate report on our website about the Yorkshire Conference in Scarborough.


I have done more than 6,000 miles and still counting since November 2014! It’s a good thing I really enjoy driving most of the time. This covers visits to more than half of our 25 cubs, some of whom have had more than one visit.

Since my last blog several lunches have been enjoyed, two excellent conferences have been attended (our own and the Northern England conference on 13 June) and I have been to countless more serious meetings.

Life as the President of SI Yorkshire is varied, busy, sometimes demanding and almost always enjoyable. The main benefit is having the opportunity to meet with so many amazing woman across the county and learn about your excellent work in making a difference to women and children, and some other groups in our communities also.

I am about to go on holiday to Tuscany, then it’s off to Istanbul for my first ever International Convention. I will blog about that on my return, probably at length as I’m sure it will be very exciting!!

In the meantime enjoy the summer, if we get any!