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Drink Spiking Campaign: Federation Award

In 2005 our Club was given a Federation Programme Action Award for its Drink Spiking Campaign.For several years a small group of members had been working with students from the Arts Institute and Bournemouth University, Dorset Police and other agencies to raise awareness about the issue. One of our members had a daughter who was away at university  at the time and had heard how she assisted a flatmate who experienced drug assisted rape.Students from the Arts Institute produced a short DVD, posters and other publicity material to educate new students on the dangers of drink spiking. Nursing students also became involved and produced their own t-shirts,and information packs.

The Package produced was used by the local drug advisory service when working in schools.

At the 2005 Conference in Nottingham,the packs were sold to other Clubs and went as far afield as Kenya and South Africa.

Although our work on the Campaign has come to an end,the method of collaboration with other organisations, and tenacity of our members in persuing the subject gained the recognition it deserved.

Our advice-given in the local press at the time was-

“Keep you drink safe.If its a bottle,keep your thumb on the top and if a venue sells special caps for bottles,buy one”