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Planet (Environment – Local and National)

Raising awareness, funds and publicity for the group’s chosen issues including tree planting, eco bricks, bees’ wellbeing, litter picking and single-use plastic.

Here are some ideas on how to help the planet……….

Aide Memoire- Recycling Opportunities

The Planet Group at SIB has been actively engaged in a variety of projects to help improve the environment. Club members have been encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle in a number of ways. The group has produced an aide memoire for club members about the many options available- the what, where and how to recycle in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area as well as nationally. Examples of more unusual things that can be recycled include razor blades, spectacles, mascara wands and under garments. For more detail look at the Aide Memoire Nov 2021


Ecobricks are plastic bottle packed solid with clean and dry, used, non-recyclable plastic including many types of packaging like cellophane wrapping, cling film, blister packs, etc. Ecobricks are made to a set density to create reusable building blocks that can be made into a variety of structures e.g. benches, furniture, garden walls, planters, art installations or in a variety of buildings. The Planet Group has produced detailed guidelines on how to make these, click on this link… Ecobricking SIB

Bee Friendly Gardens

The Planet group has compiled a comprehensive guide on how to make your garden more bee friendly, drawn from a number of sources on the internet. Bees are vital for the pollination of plants, playing a crucial role in helping to provide around a third of the food we eat. No matter how small your garden or outdoor space, you can do your bit to help native bees thrive. This guide provides detail of types of plants and garden features (e.g. wildflower patches, bee hotels, sources of water) that will encourage bees to use your garden productively.  The full guide is included here…… BeeFriendlyGardens 2021

Cleaning up the planet……….where better to start than on our beautiful coast.

On a beautiful Friday in July three SI Bournemouth members and two husbands joined the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) organized beach clean at Hengistbury Head on the Dorset coast.

Alongside collecting litter from the beach, the MCS is collecting data on the type of litter to be found around our coast in order to inform policy planning. Therefore we were juggling gloves, bags, litter pickers, paper and pens so we could record our finds. The most frequently found items were packets (crisps, sweets, sandwiches) and nurdles (those little round balls of plastic that seem to be everywhere these days). More exceptional were two large beach towels half buried and very ingrained with sand, a sock, a comb and a small metal bell. We filled three bags and enjoyed the company, the views and the glorious sunshine.

Thanks to all involved Gail Thomas on behalf   of the Planet Group