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Lobbying (Local, National and International)

As a Club we lobby on a wide range of subjects, fulfilling our pledge to advocate for improvements to the lives of women and girls brought to our attention by members of the Federation, the United Kingdom Programme Action Committee (UKPAC) and Partner Organizations.

We operate at International, National and Local levels. In the past few years we have covered the subjects described below.

As our membership covers a wide geographical area we are able to contact several different Members of Parliament when we need to deal direct with our representatives in Parliament also Local Authorities and others in authority to effect change.


  • Signed a petition for delivery to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh bringing forwards legislation to ban the marriage of children (child brides) to their rapists. Previously rapists could avoid prosecution by taking this action and often involved very young girls.
  • Written to the Home Secretary to urge her to make a nomination for the UK to be represented on the United Nations CEDAW . (Campaign to End Discrimination Against Women)
  • Supported petitions and written letters to  Government Ministers and MPs  dealing with Refugee Family Reunions, and the “Safe Passage” of child refugees in Greece.
  • Taken Part in Stop Bombing Civilians Campaigns, and urged the Government to cease the export of Tear Gas to the USA.
  • Urged the Home Secretary to ensure migrant women are specifically covered by the Domestic Violence Bill.


  • Advocated for Independent Guardianship of minors subject to immigration and asylum claims
  • Written to MPs and signed petitions concerning the UK’s Ratification of the Istanbul Convention which deals with protecting victims of domestic violence.
  • Lobbied for a new approach to the sentencing of female offenders.
  • Supported the passage of the Domestic Abuse Bill over several years, lobbying for amendments to improve its effectiveness in supporting survivors and improving legal systems. In the process we have written to members of the House of Lords, as well as MPs and Ministers.
  • Advocated for the continued banning of neonicotinoids on crops to protect bees.
  • Supported a petition to supermarkets to reduce the price of Tampons and other sanitary products.
  • Urged the Government to improve funding for Women’s Refuges
  • Applied to English Heritage for a Blue Plaque commemorating a historic role model who was once a Club Member.


  • Completed an online survey for the Dorset Police to urge them to prioritise their actions with respect to vulnerable persons.
  • Raised awareness of the need for a local historic role model in support of our STEAM Challenge for girls via Magazine article, and an exchange of letters in the local press.