President Carole 2018 – 2019

Carole is installed as new Club President

President Carole 2018 – 2019

At our AGM and Club Change of Insignia Meeting in April, Carole Rivers was installed as the new Club President for 2018 – 19.

Here is an extract from Carole’s inaugural speech:

When I first joined SI Chester I never thought that I would be President one day. But as time passed I realised that someone would need to step up and now it is my turn.

Looking back over the past 3 years, it’s clear to see how far the Club has progressed. We’ve done some very effective fundraising for such a small Club; we’ve worked on interesting projects like Toilet Twinning and the Purple Community Fund that have been successful. We’ve been constant advocates of The Purple Teardrop Campaign and ending violence against women. We have supported and will continue to support Chester Women’s Aid. We have successfully engaged with Chester University and Storyhouse; yes we’ve lost a few members but we’ve gained new members and maintained our numbers. We have established an active book group and a craft group.

It is now my role to continue and build on what our past Presidents have all worked hard to achieve.

I see us as ‘team Carole” and I feel honoured and excited to be at the helm this year.

We have already shown that a Club of only 17 women can have a strong voice and can think outside the box.

Every Club is different and our diversity lies in our work and life experiences, our perspectives, our ages and our nationalities, which I think is really exciting. This diversity is a strength. And if we can respect and value our differences, that strength becomes a power.

Let us harness that power and be- not merely an efficient team- but an inspirational team; let us plan together for the future, grow our brand and our Club, embrace diversity and inclusiveness and together take the Club forward to further successes this year.


To read Carole’s full speech please visit the ‘President’s Message’ page in the ‘About SI Chester’ section of the website.