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Crosby Soroptimists in Shropshire

Four Crosby Soroptimists set off to Shropshire to visit children who were on a week-long ‘residential’ with the Sefton Children’s Trust (SCT). But a Covid outbreak at the adventure centre meant a change of plans en-route!

SI Crosby club gave a donation to SCT earlier this year, having found out about the Trust’s work (see Sefton Childrens Trust Leaflet 2022 ).

Members were then invited to visit the children on their residential Open Day at Culmington Manor, near Craven Arms. They were hoping to see the charity in action, and find out more about the difference it makes to children’s lives.

Sandy, Abby, Sharon and Pam had taken up the invitation. Disappointed but undeterred by the change of plans, they decided to make the most of the day with cultural visits, particularly in Ludlow.

In particular there was a fine exhibition of vintage wedding dresses from the 1940s in St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow. What a surprise to spot a dress worn by a bride who had been married in Crosby. Such a small world!

So – maybe next year to visit the children?