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Bingo Bonanza

Dabbers at the ready? Crosby Soroptimists raised £400 at a fabulous bingo night.

In partnership with St Benet’s RC Church, Netherton, the fundraising team and President Jill lined up flower garlands, goodie bags, music and a forfeit or two – and the crowds flocked in.

Bingo is a popular social event locally. The games are run with such efficiency that the Soroptimists had but to watch and marvel.

Playing for a line or a full house, competition was keen. Cards were scrutinised closely. A false call? Cue a chicken hat and a noisy rendition of “Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken – lay  little egg for me!”. A correct call – cue more music and loud applause.

Pam, the Soroptimists’ (apprentice) caller, kept her cool – even when die-hard bingo players good-naturedly corrected her number rhymes. In bingoland, she also discovered, it’s not “Zero” but “Oh”. Who worries? It just makes for more banter.

Several members struck lucky and brandished their winnings for the camera. Even non-winners (and bingo sceptics) had a great time. And, thanks to everyone’s generosity, a goodly sum was raised for local charities.