Meru Women’s Garden Project in Kenya


The Meru Women’s Garden Project in Kenya  is a project  with Soroptimist International working with and CIFORD in Meru in Kenya. SI Grange are supporting this charity and had a Grease Film Singalong.  and raised £562 . Members also had a major role in an event at Barton Grange Garden Centre ( See Club News).

The club are joining with other clubs in the North West region to run an event at Barton Grange garden centre on April 22nd 2017. This will include children’s activities, information about Soroptimism and the Meru Women’s Garden Project.

Why  Meru in Kenya ?

  • 41% of women and girls are malnourished
  • HIV is prevalent
  • 28% girls undergo FGM
  • Only 11% complete secondary educatio

By working with women  we can  help the whole community

  • Women’s Gardens – women become self sufficient and feed their families
  • School gardens – improve the number of children attending school and improve nutrition
  • Alternatives to FGM
  • Environmental protection – Eco stoves reduce deforestation
  • Supporting UN Sustainable Development goals – 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 13


SI Merugarden pic















Plan for Years 1 -3

Plan for Years 1 -3