Meru Women’s Garden Project in Kenya


The Meru Women’s Garden Project in Kenya  is a project  with Soroptimist International working with and CIFORD in Meru in Kenya. SI Grange are supporting this charity and started their fundraising with a  Grease Film Singalong.  and raised £562 .  Fundraising in 2018 included a French Evening and Flower demonstration.

In 2019 members raised £88 from the sale of preserves at the Regional meeting. The money is for “Team Mum ” the project headed by and will improve maternity care for women in Meru.

Sheila, Isabel and Lesley with customers


Why  Meru in Kenya ?

  • 41% of women and girls are malnourished
  • HIV is prevalent
  • 28% girls undergo FGM
  • Only 11% complete secondary education

By working with women  we can  help the whole community

  • Women’s Gardens – women become self sufficient and feed their families
  • School gardens – improve the number of children attending school and improve nutrition
  • Alternatives to FGM
  • Environmental protection – Eco stoves reduce deforestation
  • Supporting UN Sustainable Development goals – 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 13


SI Merugarden pic















Plan for Years 1 -3

Plan for Years 1 -3