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Fylde Soroptimists – Guiding Badge

Fylde Soroptimists - new badge for the Girl GuidesFylde Soroptimist Challenge Badge

Fylde Soroptimists are delighted to launch a Soroptimist Challenge Badge in collaboration with a local guiding group, Amounderness FY Rangers.   These unofficial guiding badges are created on a regular basis with guiding groups and partner organisations (Sealife have recently done an environmental one) and they go international via the Guiding network – but are the result of local partnerships.

Fylde Soroptimists - new badge for the Girl GuidesThe Soroptimist Challenge Badge is the culmination of two years’ work by both partners, creating a series of challenges – 33 in all – for all age groups to include Rainbows through to Senior Rangers.  The challenges range from researching Soroptimism to knitting poppies; completing word quizzes; undertaking creative activities; carrying out a community project;  and learning about different aspects of both organisations.  The badge, which was designed by one of the young Rangers, will help promote Soroptimism to all youth groups at a wider level and Youth leaders are invited to send for the challenge pack for their particular unit.

The badge is now being launched on the social media and web pages of both organisations and has had full authorisation from Girlguiding GHQ and their branding department and from Soroptimist Federation HQ.

Fylde Soroptimists - new badge for the Girl GuidesFylde Soroptimists are delighted to be working with the Guiding network and, along with their recently-formed junior group, AKS Young Soroptimists, are promoting the organisation to a younger audience.  For more information on the Challenge Badge, please contact Linda on or Natalie on