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How are Northwest Soroptimists doing their bit to tackle Climate Change?

Recycling to save the worl - imageRegional Meeting – 12 June 2021

At the latest, virtual, gathering of clubs from Northwest England on 12 June, the main theme of the meeting was Climate Change. So to tie in with the G7 Summit taking place in Cornwall (at which climate change was due to be a significant topic) and the Climate Change Conference COP26 taking place in Glasgow in November, we were asked to give an update on any work we had done as clubs on this important topic.

Well, to say that there was a wide range of activity reported would be a vast understatement! From meat-free meals, to lobbying for wildflower verges, to recycling of all sorts of items, to tree planting – and lots more in between.

As well as the wide diversity, it was also striking just how much many clubs had in common as well. Videos of the material presented by four clubs, and other useful videos, can be seen on our  YouTube Channel.

Garstang Soroptimists

SI Blackburn

Lancaster Soroptimists

SI The Fylde