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Leadership & Club Development Day 2016 – report

Andrew Dewhurst talk at the Development Day in July 2016
Andrew Dewhurst talk at the Development Day in July 2016

Approximately 70 delegates from around the country, including 11 from our region, attended an interesting and thought provoking Leadership and Development Day at the Hilton Manchester Airport in July. Sarah and myself from Fylde Soroptimists decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss especially given the fact that we live only an hour away.

SIGBI had compiled a programme which should appeal to individuals from a range of backgrounds and I’m sure most people would get something from it. One startling fact that I took away with me was that Soroptimist clubs across the country are missing significant representation from not one but two generations (Generation X and younger), if the show of hands around the room was anything to go by. Generation X covers those individuals born between the early 1960s and early 1980s. Although I must point out that Sarah is part of the “and younger” group. What this tells me though is that, if we don’t act soon, Soroptimists in the UK, at least, will join the endangered species list within the next twenty years.

The highlight of the day, for me, was the talk by Andrew Dewhurst of Affliius who has been working with Garstang Soroptimists for the past year to develop their club. Taking everything into account I therefore invited Garstang Soroptimists to Fylde’s business meeting in July to kickstart our own club development programme. Thank you to Judith, Lesley and Joan from Garstang for an enthusiastic and informative presentation. Fylde’s journey begins now; the outcome of a fascinating day which was available to all members nationally.

 Jane Pinnock  (Fylde Soroptimists)