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Rose Bowl 2017 – Limericks!

The Rose Bowl Event for 2017 was held on Thursday 18 May, when the following set of Limericks were performed and voting took place.

Full write-up and pictures are on the Rose Bowl page.

A reluctant reporter was sent
To cover an SI event
She liked what we do,
With fun & friendship too
And now she’s the club’s president!


Blackpool & District
There is a Sorop in our region
Whose work with P.A. is a legion.
She knits, sews, recycles,
Collects in great bag  fulls
That friendly Sorop in our region.
There was a kind lady named Joyce
Who frightened us all with her voice.
She made us all knit
When we wanted to quit
That bossy, sweet lady named Joyce.


The Fylde
Some Soroptimists living in Fylde
Said one day “Girls, let’s go a bit wild”
“Toilet twinning we’ll do”
“Everyone needs a loo!”
Now that’s a fun way to help the Girl Child!
The Soroptimist groups of Great Britain
Are full of high hopes and ambition
They never refrain
From meeting their aims
In ridding the world of attrition


Soroptimist members are keen
That Programme Action is seen
Building some loos
Was the project to choose
Maybe that’s somewhere you’ve been!
Gone are the pearls and the hats
Now we lobby for rights with facts
It’s a sight to behold
As with banners we goad
Politicians to up-game their act


Morecambe and Heysham
We think we are really the best,
Soroptimists from the North West,
Helping women and girls
Anywhere in the world,
Come and join us and we’ll do the rest.
A Soroptimist member called Heather
Was quite at the end of her tether
She resolved to lose weight
So took care what she ate
And now she’s as light as a feather


Soroptimist ladies from Preston
On a trip – with Ailsa – to Neston
Just wouldn’t be told
So they all got a cold
‘Cos they went without putting their vests on
Rishton and Great Harwood
An amusing limerick is our goal
To win the Soroptimist Rosebowl
But we must confess
This verse is a mess
Helping women is really our role


Soroptimist ladies of yore
Attracted new members galore
Now we work to enrol
Increased numbers our goal
So clubs can all flourish once more
We were Members as busy as bees,
Till Anno Domini scuppered our knees,
We picked litter, found treasure
And gave day care with pleasure,
Now we thank Sue for Strawberry Tea.