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UK Programme Action Committee – July 2016

UK Programme Action Committee Meeting held at the Aztec Hotel, Bristol on July 10th 2016

The UK Programme Action Committee (UKPAC) currently meets 3 times/year when 17 representatives from the regions of the UK meet to discuss the progress of the work of club members in their regions with regard to the objectives to which we are all committed. It is also an opportunity to assess the challenges that we face and to pool ideas for solutions.

At this meeting, the Chair of the UKPAC gave a resumee of the discussions that she had had with Kevin Hyland, the UK Anti Slavery Commisioner. Two Assistant Programme  Directors were present, who gave guidance on possible project work that clubs could undertake on their areas of responsiblity, Human Rights Advocacy and Food Security and Health Care. Much food for thought and many ideas generated.

Ruth Bruce (Garstang Soroptimists)