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What does the new SIGBI Website look like?

It’s arrived!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the new SIGBI website has finally been launched and along with it a lovely new look-and-feel for all the individual club and regional sites like this one.

OK, it might not be the most significant news that’s happening in the world this week, but we’re rather proud of it and we’d like to show it off!

What do you think?

Screen shot of the SIGBI 2020 website home page

Website Working Party

Many of us who had to use the previous website regularly were struggling with how arcane the system was to use for any purpose. As a result members, potential members, general visitors and club site web administrators alike all had problems. It was impossible to find anything, it was clunky and it took ages to do anything. In short, it was well past the end of its useful life!

So whilst the old website had served SIGBI well for over 10 years, it was decided that a new website was in order. A Website Working Party was set up and the project got started in Spring 2019.

The Website Working Party brought together several exceptional Soroptimists, who are all experienced in the digital world:

  • Angela Sadler – SI Solihull
  • Isobel Smith – Federation President and member of SI Solihull
  • Joan Bailey – SI Garstang
  • Judith Grocott – SI Garstang
  • Sally Higgins – SIGBI Membership & Website Officer

The Website Working Party worked closely with our web design partners, Thule Media. Carl and Sean from Thule Media, a specialist Digital SEO company based in Chorley, Lancashire, took charge of the design, build and optimisation of the website. Thule were on hand throughout to ensure the job went smoothly.

The end result

All in all, it’s taken almost a full year from inception to launch. Like most IT Projects there were a few delays and hiccups along the way, but with the amazing teamwork of the Soroptimists involved and a lot of support from the wider Soroptimist community, we got there in the end. We used a combination of online tools to facilitate meetings between busy women all over the country, and face-to-face meetings when required (in the period before the Covid-19 lockdown!). This team of dedicated Soroptimists managed to get a brand new SIGBI website designed, built, optimised and launched. We are now busy spreading the word to all of the Soroptimist website managers through regular online webinars, training videos, a new User Guide, and individual advice sessions.

Well, would you expect anything less?!?

Get In Touch

If you’d like to give us any feedback about our new website, or if you’d like to find out more about Soroptimists in the Nortwest England and The Isle of Man region we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you too are an amazing woman who would like to give something back to their community? Please do get in touch with us.