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Scientist recognised!

On Wednesday 7th September the Salisbury Civic Society and Salisbury Soroptimists unveiled a blue plaque to Dr Marina Seabright at the Old Salisbury Infirmary on Fisherton Street. Guests included former colleagues of Dr Seabright who came from far and wide to honour her memory. President

Striving for equality in CoE

Our guest speaker, the Right Reverend June Osborne, spoke about the challenges that women have faced, and still face, in the hierarchy of the Anglican Church. Until recently, June was Bishop of Llandaff in the Church of Wales. In 1994 she was one of the

Uplifting Support!

On Monday evening 20 Soroptimists and friends met to count bras. Yes, the annual Bras and Bubbly! The evening began with the great unloading of bundles, bags and bags of bras collected from all over Salisbury and surrounds (and some donations from farther afield!). Let

June raffle

Sad that we are already past the summer solstice, our June meeting cheered us up by welcoming three new members to our club! Welcome to Kathryn Furnell, Mandy Ford, and Janet Draper. We also held a small raffle to raise funds for the President's Appeal.

People in the Park 2023

Members of the Club had an enjoyable and rewarding day at People in the Park on Saturday 20 May in Queen Elizabeth Gardens while showcasing the Making our City Safer project on their stall. The weather was fine and warm all day and there was

AGM 2023

AGMs are formal affairs but we wanted to also celebrate all that we have achieved this year, and there is quite a lot to remember. Our meeting was opened by President Jenny Hair introducing the order of proceedings. She then thanked those who had served

Blue Plaque Triumph!

Her Salisbury Story has been an amazing journey for Salisbury Soroptimists and on Thursday 13th April we witnessed another milestone, the unveiling of a Blue Plaque celebrating Frances Hale on New Street. This is only the 5th plaque to celebrate a women in Salisbury out

March mixture

It was great to see another full house for our March meeting, at which we were joined by our Regional President Kay Linnell, accompanied by her travel companion Barbara Jeremiah. Kay will shortly be handing over her chain of office to our own Lisa Scandling.

Jolly Hockey Sticks!

A successful promotional day was held at Salisbury Hockey Club on Saturday 1 April. Eleanor Evans, Virginia Haworth and Liz Batten chatted to team players and audience members about our 'Making our City Safer' campaign There was a particular focus on  'changing the dialogue' and involving men and

A Question of Women

On a wet March evening an excited hubbub was heard from Harnham Parish Hall as the Salisbury Soroptimists' annual Charity Quiz got underway. Ten teams gathered around tables, pens poised as the first round began. Starting with rounds 'Fings ain't what they used to be'