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Celebrating Women

Digital fun Our February meeting began with some digital fun. We all tried out which allows everyone in a meeting to collaborate in answering questions posed to the group or as a quiz format. We tried both! The question pops up on your phone

Oranging Salisbury

November has been a busy month for Salisbury Soroptimists! Our Quiz Night was a great success thanks to a hard-working team. Our second meeting at our new venue was a lively occasion. We had three groups doing different activities. One group worked creatively on decorations

Quiz success!

Thanks to a hard-working team we pulled off another successful quiz night and raised over £1000 for our charities. Nine teams of between 4 and 6 competed over 8 rounds of testing questions, set by our quiz team. Team scores were remarkably close but the

Archival talk

Our first meeting at our new venue we welcomed some new faces - we hope you enjoyed your evening and will come again! What is an archive? An archive is a collection of primary sources which people can refer to, be it documents, photographs or

Bluebell Award 2023 – the winner!

The inaugural Bluebell Award, instigated by Regional President Kay Linnell,  was presented on 22 October at the SIGBI Southern Area's AGM lunch at Folkington Manor, Folkington, East Sussex. All Southern Region SI clubs were invited to submit a project for the Regional PAC award. There

Where are we going?

Following the SIGBI consultation on the restructuring of the organisation we asked our members to discuss three topics: What do you think are the benefits of being part of a regional/national/international organisation? What led you to join SI Salisbury? What elements of Soroptimism enthuse you

Scientist recognised!

On Wednesday 7th September the Salisbury Civic Society and Salisbury Soroptimists unveiled a blue plaque to Dr Marina Seabright at the Old Salisbury Infirmary on Fisherton Street. Guests included former colleagues of Dr Seabright who came from far and wide to honour her memory. President

Striving for equality in CoE

Our guest speaker, the Right Reverend June Osborne, spoke about the challenges that women have faced, and still face, in the hierarchy of the Anglican Church. Until recently, June was Bishop of Llandaff in the Church of Wales. In 1994 she was one of the

Uplifting Support!

On Monday evening 20 Soroptimists and friends met to count bras. Yes, the annual Bras and Bubbly! The evening began with the great unloading of bundles, bags and bags of bras collected from all over Salisbury and surrounds (and some donations from farther afield!). Let

June raffle

Sad that we are already past the summer solstice, our June meeting cheered us up by welcoming three new members to our club! Welcome to Kathryn Furnell, Mandy Ford, and Janet Draper. We also held a small raffle to raise funds for the President's Appeal.