Club Projects

Although we are still in the process of setting up the new club, we already working on a number of projects at local as well as at international level. We are open to suggestions of new projects and worthy causes, please contact us if you have any ideas! Take a look at our Programme Action planner to see the projects we have underway at present. Maybe there is one that interests you.

SI Salisbury current projects – Mar 2019 0.2

Working with Salisbury Women’s Refuge

We are aware that many of the female residents often have to travel quite long distances to attend court hearings, and welcome the support of a Refuge key worker to accompany them. Funds raised at our quiz night in November were donated to help swell the travel fund to assist with these costs.

The Refuge is keen to upgrade rooms and public areas, so we are actively looking for local suppliers to donate or heavily discount new furnishings, decoration material and bedding to assist them. We have also volunteered to be on the ‘Spring Clean’ working party.

For several years now we have collected items for the refuge in the run-up to Christmas and donated gifts suitable for the children living in the refuge to give their mums for Christmas. We put together a gift hamper including wrapping paper, child-safe scissors, sellotape and gift tags so the youngsters could enjoy wrapping and giving a gift at Christmas to their mothers.





Salisbury STEM Challenge 


For a second year we have run a STEM Challenge for local schools. We are delighted to be sponsored by Gilo Industries Group, with the aim of encouraging local girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Girls at KS 3&4 were invited to try to invent or create something sustainable and affordable which could help to make life better for people living in the developing world. Our award ceremony was at the UTC on 18 March and South Wilts Grammar School pictured here took home the cash prizes and the STEM trophy! We are running the STEM Challenge for the third successive year starting in September. More information soon!




Overnight Bags for Salisbury Hospital

An unexpected stay in hospital is often uncomfortable. It may be that a routine procedure requires an unplanned stay, or accompanying a child, parent, family member or friend means that you have to stay overnight rather than leave their bedside. We thought we would try to make those stays rather more comfortable by putting together and donating overnight bags with all the essentials for a pleasant wash, shower and the chance to brush teeth and apply deodorant! Twenty two packs like the one pictured here have been put together by Salisbury members and donated to the Durrington Ward of Salisbury District Hospital.




Working Internationally to Support Women and Girls 

The sewing machine on the right is the one purchased with the funds donated from our Quiz Night, already in active service!

We are also pleased to support local charity EdUKaid with their development of an exciting new venture supporting the women of Mikindani in Tanzania to set up a sewing enterprise. This new project will provide local women with the space, tools, training and support they need to produce clothes for their families and generate a small income. We are also involved with their development of the Heshima Project which focuses on enabling the women to make sanitary products for young girls in school locally. Development workshops will help to support them with understanding of their bodies, menstruation and the reproductive process.  Funds donated from our quiz night in November have already enabled the purchase of two sewing machines in Mikindani.