Club Projects

We are currently discussing projects we would like to start as a group, charities we would like to work with and support and speakers we might like to hear from. We are already thinking of projects at international level and some local projects we would like to work with as we evolve.

In the early 1980s the original Salisbury Club was a driving force (as both advocates and funders) in the establishment of the Salisbury Women’s Refuge which provides a safe haven for women and children who experience domestic abuse and supports them in leading an independent life.


Salisbury Women’s Refuge logo

It seems fitting that the new club should continue to support this important project.

The members collected items for the refuge in the run-up to Christmas. We donated a number of gifts suitable for the children living in the refuge to give their mums for Christmas. We put together a gift hamper including wrapping paper, child-safe scissors, sellotape and gift tags so the youngsters could enjoy wrapping and giving a gift at Christmas to their mothers. Together with a bags of toys, good quality clothes, some umbrellas, a tin of sweets and a tin of biscuits we trust our ‘Santa’ deliveries made Christmas a little happier at Salisbury Women’s Refuge.