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Women’s Safety Initiative

Aims of this project

Making our City Safer

To lead Community Action on making our city a safer place for women and girls.



What has happened so far?

How the project started.

What has happened so far?

  1. Initial meeting by Zoom
  2. Conference of interested parties
  3. Streetlight Audits 2002 and 2023
  4. Schools’ Forum
  5. October 2022 event at Guildhall
  6. Raising awareness of domestic abuse via ‘Orange the World‘ and International Women’s Day events



We are aiming to involve the wider community in strategies to make the city safer. We revisited the street light audits and reported findings to Wiltshire Council. They have undertaken to pay for a survey of identified dark areas. We have also joined a funding application to have lights and mirrors installed in many underpasses.

We have organised a self-defense training at Salisbury Hockey Club.

We are planning another Schools’ Forum in November to address Bystander Training and how to deal with online porn.

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Domestic Violence

Physical Safety


Changing the Dialogue – why words matter and how men can help


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