Club Welcomes New Member Barbara Saunders

The Club was delighted to be able to welcome new Member Barbara Saunders at their meeting in January.

70-Barbara Saundersweb

Barbara is pictured here between Club President Denise Powell (left) and Club Membership Officer Helen Byrne (right) sharing the “hands of Soroptimist friendship”.

Recently retired, Barbara has spent all her working life campaigning for the voice of consumers to be heard in the corridors of power in Brussels, Westminster, Whitehall and the Boardrooms of regulatory bodies. She has also participated in Disciplinary Tribunals assessing the conduct of architects, accountants, and vets. Now more modest ambitions prevail, but she is keen to be actively involved in Soroptimists Programme Action. 

We have a short informal induction ceremony in which the new Member, and all Club Members present, pledge their duty to the Club, the organisation and to each other. We hope that Barbara will enjoy being part of this active Soroptimist Club.