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Five new Toilet Twinned Loos in St Peter’s Church St Albans

St Peter’s Church has recently refurbished their toilets and installed a new disabled one. Reverand Mark Dearnley, Vicar of St Peter’s and Natalie Liley, Churchwarden are pictured standing in the new disabled toilet holding the twinning certificates.
They had seen the news item in the Herts Ad in August and so it seemed the perfect opportunity to join the Soroptimist International St Albans and District “St Albans Toilet Twinned City” campaign. For each paired toilet a donation of £60 was made to the Toilet Twinning Charity The charity funds projects to help build basic toilets and provide access to clean water in poor communities, maintaining a focus on the importance of hygiene education and community-led action in the improvement of sanitation – “flushing away poverty one loo at a time”.

Jane Slatter from the St Albans Soroptimists said “we started this project on World Toilet Day Nov 2016 and have now twinned 19 toilets in St Albans. This charity is brilliant because having toilets is life-changing for many communities. We are getting excited now because we only need 30 twinned toilets in order to be appointed as an official ‘Toilet Twinned City’ and there are more in the pipeline…..”

The news was also featured in the Herts Adverstiser