Helen Byrne Visits Friendship Link in Osaka

While St Albans Club Member Helen Byrne and her husband Ian were in Japan for the Rugby World Cup they decided to pay a visit to our Friendship Link Club SI Osaka.  Helen sent an email from Japan to report that they had an amazing day with Keiko Kato and 7 other Members of SI Osaka on Sunday 13 Oct.

Helen said “They treated us royally … of which I will tell you more on my return when I will also share the pictures we took. In the meantime I thought you might like to see the attached picture of Ian and I with Keiko Kato (current Club President) and Suiran U (on the left – our new contact as Chairlady of International Goodwill and Understanding). The lovely ladies I met send their regards to all at SI St Albans especially Midori who also attended our 60th Anniversary along with her daughter.”
We hope Helen and Ian continue to enjoy their travels and the rugby and have a safe journey home. We look forward to hearing all about it when Helen is back with us again!