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#SUSTFEST How memories are made, making the most of stuff in your home – Mon 28 Jun 7.30pm online

Art of Giving GemMon 28 Jun – 7.30pm online “How memories are made, making the most of stuff in your home” with Jane Fletcher founder of The Art of Giving Community Interest Company this event is SI St Albans event for the Sustainable St Albans Sustainability Festival #SUSTFEST See for the full programme!

Please join us for what promised to be a creative and fun evening for everyone.

Please click here to book your place via Eventbrite and join us for this creative evening: 

There is no charge but when booking you can make a donation. Jane Fletcher runs a small Community Interest Company called The Art of Giving which provides motivational art to NHS, Key Workers & Charities.  Any donations towards this work would be most welcome Guests are always given a warm welcome so please come.

The ‘Art of Giving’ was the Daily Telegraph Lockdown Award Finalist 2020. Jane will tell us about the work of her company, producing and distributing motivational art for display on the walls of many hospitals and care homes all over the country. In so doing, they ‘make a space a better place’. Intrigued? You will be!

Jane will refer to this memories mind-map during her talk Memories Mind Map for 28 Jun Event  please click on the link to download and print it, if possible.

During these challenging times many of us have been sorting through ‘stuff’ in our homes and, along with the junk, we will have found some real treasures and memories. During the talk Jane will show how you can make the very most of those treasured items by sharing real life examples from herself and others. The aim is to inspire you,whatever creative ability you possess, as this is all about making the most of your stuff and not necessarily making stuff!

The image above is from Jane’s personal collection called  ‘Grandma’s Brooch, a treasured memory framed’. The image of the safety pins was one of the motivational art pieces that Jane has donated to NHS staff.

Here is a photo of a Hospital team happily receiving their motivational poster pack donated by Jane and The Art of Art of Giving art pack Presentation to NHSGiving.

For further information please click on “Contact Us” on this website, or email