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December Newsletter from President Jane


One month in and it’s been a privilege to be your President.

My first official duty. No. My first official ‘pleasure’ was to attend SI Bradford’s lunch. A select group of us ate together in our private room at Cleckheaton Golf Club facing out of the picture window. Thank you for your company and kindness and keep up the good service you provide to your different projects. You may be small, but you are impressive.

This was followed by a visit to the prison at Askham Grange. Chris Clark (SI Bingley) Susie Westwood (SI Wakefield) and I delivered a sewing machine, fabric, wool and a collection of books which were received warmly. We were told that the residents had been asking for more wool and would be delighted by the generosity of our donations. Thank you to all who contributed.

My next event was the RCM last weekend where it was lovely to share your company. Your enthusiasm for the Tik Tok submission and for the Flash Mob was infectious. I look forward to many more members signing up for the 8th March 2023 when you have gone back to your clubs and spread the word to those who couldn’t be with us last Saturday.

Thank you for your personal stories; some of which brought a lump to my throat. Your honesty was humbling.

During the RCM two clubs informed me that they are interested in taking up the offer to look at forming School Soroptimist Clubs. Let me know if there are others amongst you who wish to join them. Let’s get Yorkshire on the map for being at the forefront of new initiatives.

The world is seemingly orange. Brilliant. You are a formidable, creative and unmissable bunch when tasked with bathing the towns of Yorkshire in orange. Bring it on ladies. Keep shouting that violence against women is unacceptable.

This week I met with Judith Parsons and Avis Ball, our new Membership Officers, alongside Angela Edwards (SI Scarborough) and Pat Kilbane (SI Garforth and Elmet.) We had a productive few hours beginning the task of creating a welcome pack for members new to our region. Watch this space… Thank you Pat for your hospitality.

Whilst on the subject of membership, I have to inform you of the sad, but not surprising, news that SI Huddersfield will close at the end of March 2023. The three members have valiantly fought against the closure for the past few years. When Margaret Wilkinson who is now 91 years old recently fell and broke her hip the group finally surrendered. Two, however, are looking to transfer their membership to another club, so not all is lost.

At this week’s Zoom meeting with the Membership Standing Committee our Director, Dishi Attwood asked that everyone be encouraged to read her blog which can be found on the SIGBI website under ‘news.’

For now, may I wish each and every one of you a service (and chocolate) filled Advent and a very happy Christmas when it comes?

Take care and stay safe.

Yours in friendship,

Jane.                 07505294382  or 01274427303