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November RCM: Pat’s blog

RCM held at Rogerthorpe Manor on Saturday 26th November

As people arrived in the Conference room at Rogerthorpe Manor on Saturday morning, the room took on the appearance of a sea of orange; dresses, jumpers, scarves, cardigans and badges, all in recognition that it was the second day of the 16 Days of Activism campaign of the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

President Jane said that she felt that it was a wonderful time to be Regional President as there were new initiatives to look forward to. She hoped that we would leave today’s meeting with enthusiasm and a sense of pride in our achievements. 

A member of Soroptimist International Wakefield & District gave an outline of the programme Action projects and events in their club over the last year. These included no less than 9 worthy causes spanning all ages and including the planting of trees! Impressive.

Fabulous new bookmarks were introduced by the Chair of SIYAMS (Soroptimist International Yorkshire Against Modern Day Slavery.)  Designed by students of Heckmondwike Grammar School, they focus on Online Safety and aim to support young people to make good decisions and keep themselves save. 

The theme of the morning was Securing the Future by increasing membership, retention and succession at both club and regional level. 

One of the newly appointed membership officers quoted: Remember, if we don’t give this world the best we have, which world are we saving it for?

President Jane followed this by saying that ‘A life without volunteering is a life wasted’ and stated that we need to do things together as a group, hence her exciting initiative of a Flash Mob in March to recognise International Women’s Day. She thanked the Choir leader for all her hard work, and pointed out all the positives of doing a public Flash Mob. She did reassure us that we would all be fully clothed. However, we would remain irresistible! 

The excellent, inspiring morning was followed by time to stand/sit and chat, buy from a couple of stands, enjoy a glass of wine or other tipple before going to the dining room for an enjoyable lunch. 

Were you in the ‘Give us an ‘S’ video made at the RCM? Watch it here.