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February Newsletter from President Jane







Below is a photograph of part of my kitchen window sill which includes the tiny delicate crocus I was given at the Harrogate Lunch. Thank you for this sign of spring to come.

At the beginning of January I attended a talk arranged by SI Keighley looking at the initiatives taking place throughout Bradford and designed to reduce the health inequalities, improve health and well being and create a secure and sustainable food supply chain that strengthens the local economy. Some of the statistics given were shocking. I want to share only one message with you, however.  That was, that if a person wants to be fitter/healthier. The one thing they can do is not to sit for more than 20 minutes at any one time. Get up. Move about or stand instead of sitting. Your body will be all the better for it. WE ALL SIT TOO MUCH!

On the 11th January I participated in PAC Zoom meeting. Exciting ideas will be coming your way from this group to build on the 16 Days of Action and environmental work you already do.

I have met with our two Membership Officers, Judith and Avis. We discussed a list of questions they had for me and it is really encouraging to share their enthusiasm, energy and hopes for our region. I am in no doubt that they will be coming into their own shortly and supporting us in going from strength to strength.

I have met with the group putting together a Welcome Pack for the region. Our aim remains to have this ready for clubs by the end of March.

A considerable amount of time has been spent Zooming with the SIGBI membership Standing Committee. I have seen all the exit forms for the last year and written a report about what they say about membership across SIGBI. This will be coming out to clubs and contains some welcome changes already in place. 

Two key messages from the Standing Committee are that we, EVERY ONE OF US, need to be enthusiastic, passionate sales people and sell Soroptimism to those we meet. We also need to be confident and flexible in how we organise/run our clubs so that we recognise, value and respond to the needs of our members.

On the 21st I thoroughly enjoyed afternoon tea in Dewsbury. Thank you SI Wakefield and especially Cynthia for organising this event in order to raise money for Mary’s Meals at a time when any money raised was being match funded. The food, entertainment and company were delightful.

The morning of the 31st of January found me at the SIYAMs Meeting. The leaflets aimed at grandparents should be available at the next RCM. This group are continuing work related to Ask For Angela and are looking at airports and train stations for signs of help to support women and girls who are in vulnerable situations.

The evening of the 31st I attended a Zoom led by Sam Lawson looking at the Grant of Friendship and making initial plans for 2024/25.

The Officer’s Meeting took place in January too. Please remember that anyone is welcome to attend these as an observer to learn more about the region. The next one is April 15th 2023 – Ramada Inn Junction 40 MI. Please let me know if you’d like to join us.   

By now everyone should have received the flyer for the RCM in March in Barnsley. I look forward to seeing you there.

You should also have received the song, words and arrangements for the Flash Mob on the 8th March 2023. This is a regional event to raise awareness of International Women’s Day.   To date 12 of our 19 clubs have members representing them. It would be fantastic to think that every club across the region were there to support this event. What an achievement that would be! Please get in touch if you need any information about it. Join us. You can bring a non-soroptimist friend/s with you. It isn’t too late.  

I hope you all have Wednesday 17th May saved in your diaries for the Yorkshire Day of Friendship at Newby Hall. 

I hope too that you are all successfully signed up to the hub and that this new format delivers all it promises and enables us to report our work and achievements in full.              

Take care and stay safe.

Yours in friendship,

Jane.                 07505294382  or 01274427303