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President Jane’s March Newsletter

March Newsletter from President Jane.

Having successfully submitted a design for a poster for the Convention (thanks to the technical help and skills of Linda Gerraghty) I have experienced a quiet yet informative February.

Membership Standing Committee Zooms continue. Part of the ongoing work has been to look at different website areas within SIGBI. Our Yorkshire one compared favourably against the ones I was given to consider. A huge THANK YOU to Sue Butler for all the work she is doing on our behalf. Please ensure that you send her any information and photographs that would reflect the work taking place across the region.

On the 13th I attended the Zoom organised by SI Scarborough and listened to the articulate views of Divya Alya. The journalist spoke about violence against woman and girls in India and painted a knowledgeable and frank picture of life in 2023. So many of the issues raised by Divya sounded familiar to the ones that cause us concern too.

On the 21st I listened and took notes about ‘Eating for Improved Health’ at the Zoom organised by SI Sheffield. As I reflected about my lifestyle and food consumption, it was reassuring to learn that many of the things I eat are contributing to a healthy (ish) body. Note to self: Vitamin D supplement, more regular/sustained exercise and find out more about fermented food items! Get your 8 step plan from Daphne Cawthorne, SI Sheffield.

Thank you to everyone using the’ Whats On in SI Yorkshire’ WhatApp to publicise events taking place across the region. I am only sorry that I can’t attend them all.

Much thought has been given to the Flash Mob this month in terms of reflecting on what has been done so far and how best to progress. I am determined to present this during the 16 Days of Activism. This can only be achieved if there are at least 45 of us committed to learning the words by heart, attending the rehearsals and showing the public that we are vibrant, confident, irresistible women with a message that must be heard. I hope that at least 45 of you – our Yorkshire members and your friends – are with me in this.

I end on a high by recording my congratulations to SI Skipton who have been conferred the honour of Freedom of the District in recognition of ‘the organisation’s distinguished and eminent service rendered to Craven District.’ Well done ladies.

Take care and stay safe.

Yours in friendship,

Jane.                 07505294382  or 01274427303