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September 2015 – Little Jack Horner‏

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Today we witnessed a small miracle courtesy of a fantastic man called Robster. He and his team make wheelchairs and fit corner chairs for children, funded by Friends of Sick Children in Malawi.

A mum brought in her little boy, only fifteen months, but due to cerebral palsy, he can’t sit up and has to be carried everywhere. This isn’t so much of a challenge whilst he is little but will cause problems for his mum as he gets bigger. It also stops her from working and earning any money. Older children with cerebral palsy are usually left at home, unable to play, and are a burden in every sense.

With Robster’s help, the little one sat up for the very first time unaided by his mum but supported by a ‘corner chair’. It’s such a simple thing but makes such a huge difference to the lives of these children and their families.

Dave was fascinated with the construction and spent the whole way home thinking how it could be flat packed for transport – the mum had to take it home in one of the ubiquitous crowded minibuses. She was delighted just to have one.

And the cost of this corner chair? MK15,000 – less than 18 quid
The value? Priceless!