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Yay! Charity and her friend and colleague Agnes have qualified

We are so proud that Charity,the first of the three nurses we have sponsored, has qualified.   Here is the email that she and Agnes has sent us – bless!

Hi, it is with great pleasure that I write to let you know that at long last with have reached at the end of the road. We had our graduation ceremony on the 15th of June 2018 at Bing international convention centre  (BICC) at the capital city of Malawi. The state president of the republic of Malawi presided over the ceremony. It was a colourful occasion indeed. For us nurses we had to recite the nurse’s pledge with our right hand raised up and left hand holding a lit candle.

It’s very pleasing to inform you that we both (charity and Agnes ) passed with upper second class. We wouldn’t have done this better without your support.

We very much appreciate from the bottom of our hearts the support you rendered to us.We are very proud of you for assisting us achieve our goal .

May the good Lord bless you and bless our donors abundantly.

Best regards Agnes and Charity.

Don’t they look happy, and deservedly so, so they’ve worked very hard.