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Relationship between SI Kenilworth and FOSCiM

A strong relationship between SI Kenilworth and FOSCiM has been developed since 2012. SI Kenilworth has supported projects at the QECH including sponsoring Nursing Sister Charity Kanyanda, for a three year BSc university degree. She is a key member of the FOSC paediatric team at the QECH. She and another nursing sister are just completing their second year of their degree courses.

When they graduate and return to the hospital they will be an even more important asset to the overall objective of developing and embedding a national paediatric service in Malawi for the 50% of the population who are children.

SI Kenilworth are helping empower a Malawian woman, through education, to not only advance herself but her nation.


Charity says:

“I have always had the desire to progress with my studies so as to acquire the best knowledge and skills in the care of the sick, especially children and the vulnerable group. ….. My goal is that after graduation I go back to the Q.E.C.H Paediatric Department and continue to practise …”

“I do not take for granted the support I am receiving and thank very much those who are making this possible.   I promise to work very hard and use this opportunity to the best of my ability.”

Since then, she has updated us on her progress.

Charity 2013 Sept-1 (2)

Gordon Cowie of FOSCim has regularly attended Club meetings, keeping members informed of developments in Malawi and the use of our donations.  Prior to supporting FOSCIM, due diligence checks were undertaken by the Club using the framework provided by SIGBI.


Regular reports on the projects supported at QECH have been reported to MAR and SIGBI through Programme Action reports.