SI Kenilworth Archive

October 2015 – So what did I learn?

It’s not all doom and gloom in Malawi – just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong. I overheard a medical student say that they should just drop in a ready-made hospital complete with equipment and that would solve everything … Continued

October 2015 – Has it really been a week?

We’re back safe and sound, enjoying the novelty of hot and cold running water, power and reliable internet.   I’m back at the day job; Dave is happily sorting through his one thousand plus wildlife photos down to a respectable number … Continued

September 2015 – A day in the life of a Soroptimister.

Well, it’s my chance to become a blogger! Sharon has a calendar clash, and reluctantly agrees that even she can’t be in two places at once.  We had planned to meet Dr Neil Kennedy for a guided tour of the One Stop Centre … Continued

September 2015 – Kanga and Roos

Next stop is the Kangaroo Ward, one of the projects we’ve supported by funding  meals for the mums via Friends of Sick Children in Malawi.   Here babies with birth weights of around one kilogram are kept skin to skin with … Continued

September 2015 – Bright ideas and Blantyre Cots

If you want something doing ask a busy woman.   Dr Queen Dube, takes time to introduce us to the Director of Queens, Dr Goonani, and embarrasses me by telling him about all the projects SI Kenilworth have supported through … Continued

September 2015 – Pharmacy in the New Age

It’s official, I’m old!  I give a lecture to the final year Pharmacy students on ‘safe prescribing for geriatrics ‘ – in their opinion anyone over fifty is old, and by sixty is elderly (so that’ll be me next year). … Continued

September 2015 – Lake Malawi aka Calendar Lake

Are you ready for that question when Dave writes his quiz?! He clearly didn’t feel that he’d seen quite enough birds at Liwonde so we drive further North to Lake Malawi.  We only get a bit lost getting out of … Continued

September 2015 – All work and no play‏

Whilst I swan off to meet SI Blantyre, Dave is brilliant and spent hours in a hot, ill lit, dusty store room, sorting through the medicines donated specifically to the Children’s Hospital. He definitely deserves a reward! He books us … Continued

September 2015 – Sisterhood‏

Happily I am able meet up with six members of SI Blantyre and attend their business meeting. Just like my club, they are a lively and opinionated bunch of ladies, keen to make a difference to the lives of women … Continued

September 2015 – Kids to go!‏

As I said in my previous blog, the amazing Robster and his team are funded by Friends of Sick Children to make wheelchairs specifically for children.  He truly is the Father of Invention! With the most basic of equipment and … Continued